Andrew Knightly Brown

Architectural Specification Writer

Office Standards

Why use office standards?

If you regularly work on similar projects, creating an office standard specification will improve consistency and speed-up the process of preparing individual project specifications.

Office standard specifications are the perfect place to capture technical feedback from completed projects.

The time taken to create a properly structured office standard specification will generally be paid-back on the second or third project using the standard.

Why not just copy the most recent project?

Creating an office standard is not the same as copying the specification from the most recent project. A properly managed office standard will include the facility to update British Standards and building techniques on a regular basis.

Why create office standards in NBS Building?

NBS Building has included the facility to create, manage, and update your own office standard specification(s) from the very beginning, although NBS themselves admit that the facility is under-utilised by most of their subscribers.

How can I help?

I have extensive experience of creating and managing office standard specifications for a number of architectural practices, both large and small.

I have developed unique web-based systems for managing office standard specifications which smooth the regular update process and can, if appropriate, be integrated with your practice intranet or internal knowledge management system.

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