Andrew Knightly Brown

Architectural Specification Writer

How do I work?

Why do I use the NBS?

One of the guiding philosophies behind the development of the NBS is the belief that the system should reflect the way in which designers, particularly architects, actually think and work.

The NBS is structured in a way which facilities integration with other CPI initiatives allowing specification references to replace written notes on drawings. Some of these concepts are embodied in the non-NBS documents written by other specification writing services, but none have the universal acceptance which has made the NBS the de-facto industry standard.

I start with the basic NBS text, supplementing it where desirable with my own bespoke systems and clauses. The resulting documents are thus readily understood by all those familiar with the NBS - there's no need to refer back to me every time some minor item of text needs explanation or revision.

Where do I work?

For companies using NBS products on PC-based systems I can work in your office or remotely, transferring files by a variety of electronic means.

For companies using NBS products on Apple Mac systems it is normally necessary for me to work in your office.

For networked offices with dial-in facilities I can work remotely subject to establishing the necessary security protocols with your IT staff.

How do we communicate?

I generally provide specifications, both for discussion and contract use, in electronic format as PDF Files. If you subscribe to NBS Building I will also provide you with NBS *.spec format files, generally at the end of the contract.

I can upload the specification documents to your project extranet or one of the online file sharing services. If you do not have an existing extranet or file sharing system in place then I recommend the use of Dropbox as a file sharing service. The Dropbox software is free to install and works across Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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